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We supply the Pantrac range of carbon pantograph collector strips for reliable current collection

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Pantrac, in Germany, is the Gerken Group’s wholly owned manufacturer of carbon strips for railway current collection.

Pantrac’s carbon pantograph strips feature excellent service properties including low wear of the carbon material and the conductor wire, high current carrying capacity and high temperature resistance.

Pantrac’s patented ADD system helps to prevent damage to overhead lines as a result of pantograph failure by lowering the strip automatically when required.

Proven in service, APD, their arc  protection system, improves life by  protecting the strips from damaging sparking.

Our customers, worldwide,  benefit from Pantrac’s reliability and low service costs in demanding railway applications.

Our products feature:

• Low wear of the carbon material and the overhead contact line

• Lead-free metal impregnation of to improve current loading capability

  (grades RH 84M6, RH 83M6, RH 85M6)

• Superior bonding of carbon profile to aluminium carrier through electrically conductive adhesive -   temperature resistant up to 250°C

• Tested with short-circuit current of 30kA (half-wave 16 2/3 Hz)

• Reliable automatic lowering system (ADD)

• Quality control to EN 50405