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Gerken Group's engineering centres offer bespoke design and development services to support our customers’ needs.

Electrical Carbon UK Services - Design & Re-engineering

Gerken Group’s design and engineering centres pride themselves on their creative response to customer challenges.

Using state-of-the art design software including AutoCad and SolidWorks, we develop solutions tailored to the application.

We can help with project management, including AMDEC, RAMS and the production of maintenance manuals.  Our designs take into account all factors, including potential quantity (EBQ), customer budget and manufacturing costs.

This capability and approach has resulted in an enviable portfolio of successful projects for leading OEMs and major users in railway, industrial and renewable markets.

As true partners to our customers, we continue to build on this through a programme of continuous improvement, ensuring that our products reflect the changing environments and parameters under which they are expected to operate.