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Ensure you have the right carbon parts for your equipment.

Electrical Carbon UK Services - Identify & Survey

The variety of carbon brushes and collectors available is enormous, with tens of thousands of variations in size, shape and carbon grade.

Making sue you have the right part fitted to your equipment is vital - and that’s where our knowledge and experience comes in.

We know most of the brushes in use today and can usually identify the correct part for your needs from our extensive database.  That doesn’t mean we know everything - we’re still adding new parts every day!  However, you can be confident that, if it’s something new to us, we’ll make sure we create a part which is right for the application.

We work closely with leading motor and generator OEMs and carbon brush users, so we know what works.

If you have a large number of brush types in use, we’ll catalogue them for you, find common parts to help reduce inventory and suggest the most appropriate batch and order quantities to keep your costs down.

Best of all, we’ll do all that without charging you for the service!

Let us help you optimise your carbon brush usage - call us today to find out more.