Electrical Carbon UK Ltd product range for rail, industry, wind energy and power generation

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Earth Return Units

Earth Return Units

Reliable, long-life, industry-standard units for railway traction.

Slip Rings Commutators Diagnostics

Slip Rings

Slip rings for all current transfer applications, including wind energy.


Commutators for railway traction and industrial machines.


A range of instruments to keep your rotating machines performing at their best.

Carbon Brushes

Carbon Brushes

The heart of our business. Brushes for rail, industry and power generation

Brush Holders Carbon Strips Linear Collectors

Brush Holders

Essential for correct carbon brush performance.

Carbon Strips

Pantograph carbons and collector shoes for reliable railway current collection.

Linear Collectors

Pressed metal-graphite collectors for linear current transfer in industry.

The right part, delivered on time at a competitive price - wherever you need it.

High quality components designed for long-life and reliable performance in the most demanding applications and environments.

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Electrical Carbon UK Product Range

Everything our customers need for transferring current between a fixed point and a moving surface.


Products for Railway Traction Applications