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Slip rings for wind turbines, signal currents and industrial applications - wherever there is a need to transfer current in a rotary application.

Electrical Carbon UK Products - Slip Rings

Gerken Group can provide a range of high quality slip rings from one of the world’s leading manufacturers.

From small single-way units to large, multi-way assemblies carrying signal and high power currents, we can source the right slip ring for your needs, or work with our partners to develop a bespoke solution.

Styles available include barrel and face-plate types, in phsphor bronze or stainless steel.

Our wind energy slip rings are fitted as standard by Vestas and other key turbine and generator OEMs.

Rings can be plated to give added protection in harsh environments, or enclosed in water and dust-proof housings.

Complete current transfer packages are available, combining slip rings with our carbon brushes and brush holders for full system compatibility in any application.

Slip rings are usually moulded, but can be hand built for special requirements or for rebuilds  on an existing hub.