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Use our state-of-the-art test and research facilities to support your R&D and product development

Electrical Carbon UK Services - Test & Develop

Gerken Group recognises that, even in a long established industry like ours, there is an ongoing need to create new materials.

Our customers are continually pushing the accepted performance boundaries to their limits.  New markets, like wind energy, have brought their own challenges.  Brushes must perform for long periods, without maintenance, in extreme climates under widely varying loads.

We work with leading OEMs and users in industry, rail and wind energy to develop solutions that meet these needs.

Our facilities in Belgium, France and Germany have the capability to replicate a huge range of applications and service conditions.  In France, our climate chamber allows us test our products, under load, in environments ranging from the cold and dry of the tundra to the heat and humidity of the rainforest - and anything in between.

Electrical Carbon UK brings access to these facilities to customers in the UK and Ireland.  We are already working with them on some exciting projects.

Talk to us to find out how we can help you develop your own market-changing products for the future.