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Our engineers have the knowledge and experience to help you when things aren’t running as you’d like.

Electrical Carbon UK Services - Troubleshooting

Maintaining correct carbon brush performance is often referred to as a “black art”.

Electrical Carbon UK, backed by all the resources of the Gerken Group, is ideally placed to help if you feel your brushes are not performing as well as you’d like.

We’ll work with you to make sure you have the right grade of carbon, that it’s fitted correctly and that there are no other external factors which need attention.

Often, the solution is quite simple and may even cost nothing.  That’s where experience is vital. Our engineers have many years in the industry and there aren’t many problems they haven’t seen, and resolved, in their time.

Our commitment doesn’t end with the product sale - we want to make sure you’re getting the best out of our parts.

Everything we do supports our aim to be a true partner to our customers.

If you think you need help, call or email us.  It costs nothing to get our advice.